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Pastor rescues naked cop from sex worker

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Itai Muzondo

09 Feb 2017 – MASVINGO – A married Rujeko Police Station cop who spent the whole night with a sex worker in Mucheke but failed to pay when it was time to go in the morning got a rude awakening after the sex worker held him hostage and gave him loads and loads of dirty clothes and blankets to wash as punishment.
The incident happened at a house close to the Mucheke Bus Terminus last Sunday morning.
The cop only found his saving grace in Ward 1 Councillor Garcia Mundondo who is also an AFM pastor, when he stormed the sex worker’s place to rescue the distraught police officer.
The cop had been ordered to do the laundry to cover up for the US$20 he had failed to pay the sex worker.
When contacted for comment, Cllr Mundondo was unwilling to divulge the information about the incident but he later opened up after some insistence from this reporter.
“The police officer was sent out to do laundry at a sex worker’s home for failure to pay for services. I found him wrapping a cloth around his waist as he did the washing because the sex worker had immersed his uniform in water to prevent him from leaving.
“When the issue came to my attention, I rushed to the scene and tried to negotiate that the cop be set free so that he could go to work but the sex worker refused.
“We had to use force to get him out while he was naked. I then took him to Chikato Police Station where he got something to cover himself and later on proceeded to Rujeko where he was supposed to report for duty,” Mundondo said.
“As a pastor, I would like to urge members of the community especially law enforcers such as the police to fear God and desist from evil acts such as prostitution,” added Mundondo.
Last year, Givemore Marara, a police officer at Masvingo Central Police Station, faced perjury charges in court when he falsely reported that his uniform had been stolen when in fact, he had left it at a sex worker’s place after failing to pay for services

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