Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Pay students fairly, Zinasu urges organizations



As the country celebrated Workers Day
on May 01, of Zimbabwe National Student Union secretary general Tapiwanashe
Chiriga said it was high time students on work related learning got fair compensation
as some of them were currently either underpaid or not paid at all.

In a statement, Chiriga said there were
a number of students going to work daily during these harsh economic conditions
but were not paid fiarly for their efforts.

“We have students who are expected to
turn up to work in these harsh conditions every day but they are not properly
remunerated. Students on work related learning are not slaves. They deserve
fair compensation for the toil and labour they provide for companies.

“They deserve a fair wage just like
any other employee. They come to work and perform duties just like any other
member of the organisation. Not paying students their dues is unfair labour
exploitation,” said Chiriga.

He said students must always research
more about the organisation that they want to work for and also be able to negotiate
good contracts with the organisations.

“Students must always research more
about the organisations they intend to work for before they start working. They
must also negotiate contracts knowing fully that they are not slaves and should
make their desire to be compensated fairly enough,” he said.

Chiriga urged government and
universities to work closely together in monitoring the working conditions of
students on attachment.

“Government and universities should
work closely in approving organisations and companies that engage students for
attachment and make sure that they monitor the working conditions of the
students on attachment,” he said.

Many companies, even those that can
afford it, are not paying students on work related learning; taking advantage
of the increase in university and college enrolment which is not matched by
expansion in industrial activity.

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