Thursday, September 16, 2021

Rabies-infected ox terrorises Bikita villagers

…78 years old granny battles for life after attack


A 78-year-old Bikita granny is battling for her life
at Mpilo Hospital in Bulawayo after she was gored by a raging ox which was
later confirmed to have been infected by rabies.
people associate rabies only with snarling mad dogs, foaming at the mouth but
livestock are also susceptible to the maddening virus.
rabies virus can infect all warm-blooded animals and is always fatal. Caused by
a virus that affects the nervous system, it is transmitted by saliva of an
infected animal – usually via a bite, by saliva coming in contact with mucous
membranes (eyes, nose or mouth) or an opening in the skin.
the fateful day, Angeline Zendere was at her home alone when her neighbour’s ox
got into her yard to feed on the dry maize stalks.
who is said to have been in her kitchen hut, got out to chase the cattle away
but one of the cattle charged and viciously attacked her.
 “She was in her kitchen when a herd of cattle
entered her yard to feed on the dry maize stalks. The maize stalks are reserved
for her own livestock so she got out to drive the other cattle away.
a few steps from her kitchen hut, an ox charged at her and started attacking
her, injuring her badly. The ox hooked her with its horns and threw her into
the air and picked her up again numerous times. She was trampled on until she
lost consciousness. The ox belonged to her neighbour,” said a source privy to
the developments.
Zendere’s daughter-in-law is said to have rushed to
the rescue with a wooden log but the cattle is said to have charged at her as
“The daughter in law was visiting and she saw the
whole incident and rushed to the rescue with a wooden log. The log could not do
her any good as she was also attacked by the mad ox. She was fortunate enough
to fall onto the ground on the first attack and the ox failed to pick her up
with its horns.
“As the ox attacked the daughter in law, she screamed
for help from neighbours who alerted other people,” said the source.
The source told TellZim News that the ox charged at
the group of villagers who were armed with axes and they fought back until they
killed it.
Zendere and her daughter-in-law were taken to a clinic
at Nyika growth point where the in-law was treated and discharged while Zendere
was immediately transferred to Masvingo Provincial Hospital.
Zendere was later transferred to Mpilo Hospital in
Bulawayo where she is said to be admitted in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).
Staff from the district Veterinary Services Department
arrived at the scene when the villagers had already killed the ox.
Masvingo provincial veterinary head, Ernest Dzimwasha,
as was expected, professed ignorance on the matter saying he had not received a
“You are telling me for the first time. I have not
received a report on that,” said Dzimwasha, who was recently criticised for
sleeping on duty at a time the province was losing hundreds of cattle to
tick-borne diseases.

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