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Reckless driving, rugged road turns Mwenezi stretch deadliest

Cephas Shava

MWENEZI – Reckless
driving coupled with the worrisome state of the country’s busiest main road; the
Harare-Beitbridge highway is continuously costing innocent lives that could otherwise
be avoided.
corrective measures were to be taken by authorities through upgrades and
maintenance, the Mwenezi stretch of the artery will cease to be the death trap
that it currently is.
the Mwenezi stretch recorded two separate fatal accidents within a short space
of time. The first one occurred at the 129km peg where a South Africa-bound
Africa Link bus killed five people and left 45 others injured. The second
accident happened at the 166km peg where an omnibus collided head-on with a
haulage truck, killing all the six men who were in the omnibus.
two fatal accidents and many other ‘minor’ ones are caused mostly by reckless driving
and the bad state the road.
District Development Coordinator (DDC), Rosemary Chingwe said the highway was
probably deadliest in Mwenezi.
said urgent repairs and upgrades were needed on many parts of the road, and
urged drivers to stop over-speeding and violating other road rules.
highway is in bad shape and needs serious attention from Chirundu to Beitbridge.
As for the Mwenezi stretch, you find that several fatalities are being recorded
as a result of an increase in the number of unattended black spots.
is a double curve at the 129km peg but there are no roads signs there. A lot of
attention is needed at that scene which is proving to be a horrible black spot.
It must also be noted, however, that several accidents occurring there are a
result of over-speeding and overtaking errors,” said Chingwe.
police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi told TellZim News that
investigations were still in progress to determine the factors leading to the
most recent 129km peg accident.
evidence at hand, however, suggests that human error played a big role in that
horrible mishap.
is said the driver of the commuter omnibus flashed his vehicle’s lights at the
haulage truck, thereby disorienting the truck driver who then encroached into
the wrong lane, resulting in a high-impact head-on collision.
truck dragged the omnibus for some metres metres off the road, killing all the
six men who were on board.
drivers that spoke to TellZim News said there was a possibility that recklessness
was the main cause of the accident.
truck driver should have reduced speed and shifted his gaze a bit to the side when
the commuter omnibus driver flashed his lights. These are the basic lessons we
are taught in driving school. The fact that the truck dragged the omnibus tells
you a lot about the speed at which it was travelling.
the truck driver was sleeping on the steering, the possibility is that the two
drivers became just stubborn and failed to give each other way, resulting in
the unnecessary loss of lives,” said one motorist.
pothole-feeling work has been done on the stretch of the road but there is
obviously a lot of work that needs to be done as an increase of traffic in the
festive season is expected to cause more losses of life.

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