Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Revert back to 2017 salaries, Zinatu tells government

Livingson Maunganidze 

 Veeslee Mhepo

Zimbabwe National Teachers’ Union (Zinatu) has called on the government to
prioritise the welfare of educators before rushing to open schools saying their
salaries should be reverted back to the 2017 structure.

2017 teachers earned between US$400 and US$540 and presently their salaries
range below an equivalent of US$200.

announced a phased opening of schools beginning with examination classes on
March 15 and teachers have since threatened to declare incapacitation.

secretary general, Livingson Maunganidze said his organization was pushing for
a salary review which will see teachers earning an equivalent of US$540 as was
the case back in 2017.

are pained to hear that the government intends to open schools without
reviewing teachers’ salaries upwards. The capacitation of teachers should be
done before schools are opened because teachers are grossly incapacitated.

behalf of our members we demand the restoration of our October 2017 salaries
equivalent to US$540, we also take this chance to remind the government on the
need to increase salaries and  pay
degreed members what is rightfully due to them .” said Maunganidze.

expressed dissatisfaction with the salary discrepancies among government workers
saying that in February some government workers were given groceries vouchers
whilst teachers went home empty handed.

would want to express our utter disgust and shock at the prevailing salary
discrepancies among government workers, with teachers being at the receiving
end reduced to a laughing stock most had their salaries increased in February
some given grocery vouchers while teachers went home empty handed. We remain a
vital cog in the country,” said Maunganidze.

also called upon the government to consider shelving opening of schools until
the end of month when examiners marking the ZIMSEC Advanced Level 2020
examinations are expected to finish the marking process.

also note with deep concern that the government has decided to open schools while
most secondary school teachers are still marking ‘A’ Level exams and this
implies that there will be skeleton staff in these schools as we know most schools
are already under staffed.

are of the strong view that the re-opening of schools should be shelved until
the 28th of this month when the marking will be over,” said

is reportedly planning a mass recruitment of up to 3 000 teachers in what seems
like a counter strategy if teachers go on strike.

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