Robbers pounce on Mashava Mukuru outlet


……get away with US $20 400, R32 000

Beverly Bizeki

A five man gang of armed robbers pounced on a Mukuru outlet in Mashava, Masvingo last night (March 13,) and got away with US$20 400 together with R32 000.

Masvingo Provincial Police Spokesperson Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa confirmed the robbery and said investigations were in progress.

It is reported that around 1600 hours on Monday March 13 2023 a Mukuru employee Panashe Hapanyengi (36) at Balmain Centre in Mashava, got into a Toyota Wish going home after knocking off at work.

The driver of the Toyota Wish reportedly informed Hapanyengi that he wanted to stop at Energy Park Filling Station for a refilling.

While at the filling station, the driver picked up people who wanted to go to Bere Township and left them there before dropping Hapanyengi close to his home at Balmain.

After about two hours, Hapanyengi saw a grey Toyota car with five men covering their faces with mutton cloths.

One of the men dragged him by the left hand into the car and they all started beating him with open fists asking questions about his work place and found a work ID in one of his pockets.

The gang stuffed some maize leaves into the complainant’s mouth before driving off to Balmain Centre with him.

One of the accused remained in the car safeguarding Hapanyengi at gunpoint while others went into the booth.

The four men found Wonder Bvungidzire (38) a Highway Supermarket cashier and force marched him to the Mukuru safe in the shop.

The other accused brought Hapanyengi to the store and instructed him to unlock the safe.

The gang took US$20 400 and R 32 000, locked the two in the storeroom, and drove off.

Bvungidzire eventually managed to open the door with a screwdriver and the two escaped leading to a police report.

The suspects are still at large.


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