Monday, September 20, 2021

Sikhala slaps Mnangagwa with US$50 million lawsuit

Upenyu Chaota
MDC national vice chairperson and Zengeza West Member of Parliament (MP) Job
Sikhala, who on Valentine’s Day was acquitted of subversion charges by Masvingo
High Court judge Justice Garainesu Mawadze, has vowed to sue President Emmerson
Mnangagwa over the alleged torture he went through since he was arrested in
July last year.
had been charged with treason over alleged utterances he made in Bikita West
last year in which he said he wanted to remove President Mnangagwa from power
before the end of his term, a charge which Justice Mawadze ruled to be
hundreds of MDC supporters at the Morgan Tsvangirai memorial soon after his
acquittal, Sikhala narrated the harrowing incidences which he underwent during
his incarceration saying he was abused, tortured and lost his liberties.
will never forgive them for the torrential abuse, persecution and torture on
myself. When I get back into my office, I am going to sue Mnangagwa and his
people for over US$50 million. I lost my liberty for almost a year. They took
my passport which restricted me from going abroad to represent my other clients
so that I could fend for my family.
charged me a RTGS$5 000 bail before devaluation so I paid an equivalent of US$5
000. Today the money has no value at all. When I go to collect my bail, RTGS$1
000 is going to Bikita East, RTGS$1 000 to Bikita West, RTGS$2 000 Masvingo
central, RTGS$1 000 Chivi North and Masvingo West. This money was being held by
Mnangagwa and must go to the people,” said Sikhala.
said he does not regret to call for the ouster of President Mnangagwa saying he
does not like the man and no one can force him to.
people came out saying no, Sikhala you were reckless to say that statement but
those people are the ones who are reckless because they want to protect
has killed the future of the people of this country and he has to go. That is a
clear and simple message. I knew myself as a lawyer that there was no case. To
say Mnangagwa must go is not a crime because I don’t like him. I don’t think
there is anyone who wants Mnangagwa to still be President until 2023,” said
said he was abducted from holding cells at Harare Central police station by
alleged state security agents and the army who threatened his lawyers with
death if they followed.
I was arrested and put at Harare Central, the police told my legal team to go
to Rotten Row High Court and that they were going to transport me there. I was
left with Biti (Tendai) and Gonese (Innocent).
at the police station, a team of formally dressed man came and ordered me to
come with them. I then told Biti and Gonese to follow me but they were
threatened with death and they backed off.
was taken to the car park and I saw two Toyota trucks with members of the army
and state security agents. There was also a Toyota Quantum minibus which had
armed soldiers. I was then bundled into one of the Toyota trucks and my face
was covered from there. I was driven for three hours without knowing where I
was or was going.
lawyers did not know where I was and so did the whole country so I had to act fast
or that was my end,” said Sikhala.
a gigantic man in stature, Sikhala said he summoned the biggest fart ever which
spoiled the air in the car forcing it into a halt with his alleged abductors
allowing him to use the toilet.
told the people in the car that I could not breathe because the plastic which
was covering my face was suffocating me. They did not listen and I had to hatch
another plan.
then told them that I had to relieve myself and again they did not listen. I
then had to summon the biggest fart ever and I sprayed the whole car and they
then stopped because of the terrible smell. I knew that once they let me out of
the car people would see me and alert others.
let me out of the car and I realized I was already in Gutu yet my lawyers were
waiting for me at the Rotten Row court. People saw me and took pictures which then
went viral on social media,” said Sikhala.

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