Monday, August 8, 2022

So ED enters into agreement with Uncle Bob?

Umm my Ladies and Lords, our MDC Alliance has been infiltrated by sell-outs and power hungry self-proclaimed politicians with no morals or any principles whatsoever. Mapombi has never seen anything like that for the whole of her poor life; Judas Iscariot-kind of politicians should be send packing – they don’t deserve to be in our midst!
But ndakambozvitaura kare kare if you remember during the run-up to the Bikita West by-elections ndikati vana Gumbi vava kuuraya musangano ava asi vanhu vakati Mapombi ava kupenga.
Now, I am saying it again and I know vamwe vachati ndinopenga futi but varume vatouraya musangano uyu sefani so. Mapombi heard they are influencing this young and inexperienced Maboke not to step down from the mayoral post; which he landed after bedding Zanu PF councillors.
Kkkkkkkk power is sweet I know but mamwe madiro omoita simab muchenjere kuti 2023 we will never talk about you again. Honestly, this is selling-out of the highest order! Barter trading the deputy mayoral post for the mayoral post ndoanonzi makunakuna ka aya; chisionekwi humhandara hwaamai chaihwo. Kudya mutupo rakacheka nyika.
Don’t forget one thing – people chose MDC Alliance councillors, not on the basis that they are popular but because the party was all that mattered to them. So for one to betray that trust for self-aggrandisement is regrettable to say the least.
Anyway, we hope these comrades will do the noble thing and step down with dignity when time still allows them to do so. The MDC Alliance is bigger than any one person and ada kuzviti handiite chokwadi tinomudzinga rakacheka nyika. We don’t care that one is a lawyer or whatever profession unongoenda. After all, we have quite a number of lawyers vakabva napo paUniversity yeRCZ makore aye ichiri kunzi Great Zimbabwe – ko chero vane ma2 points yaingotoraka iya. Those who betray the struggle should go, and they will definitely go!
Mapombi will not waste much time talking about politicians without principles – but at least they should be reminded that don’t take people for granted. We will never tolerate sell-outs!
By the way, Mapombi would like to congratulate ED for the new cabinet; at least he tried his best. Of course he did his best to ensure that he surrounds himself with loyal people; just like what Uncle Bob used to do. Mapombi thanks him because he at least introduced brand new faces – akamboisawo vatsva kuti vambodyawo.
Of course we have comrades like Gumbo who were returned to the feeding trough despite them being total failures. Congrats to Energy Mutodi the deputy minister of Information – gore rino tichaonesa zvedu isu vana Mapombi kkkkkkk. But I like his musician though.
But I wonder what kind of deal was entered between Uncle Bob and ED – hiring a private jet for the old man, gobbling millions of scarce dollars in the process, inga zvakaoma hazvo. Mapombi is beginning to think that Uncle Bob played a critical role in influencing the ConCourt judgment because the kind of favours dzavava kupiwa dzava kuwandisa at the expense of poor, long-suffering Zimbabweans.
Imagine people are dying of cholera in Harare but someone is busy hiring a private jet worthy millions of dollars, and the politician still claiming to have people at heart after that. Just yesterday he said people must practice hygiene to stop cholera. KKKK, may someone please tell him that it’s not lack of personal hygiene that’s causing cholera, but contaminated water sources caused by years of mismanagement, neglect and misplaced priorities by the very government you have been part of for 38 years. Kkkkkk munotinona semafuza chokwadi. After all muchadeiwo zvedu kwatiri we gave you a whole five-year long fresh mandate; or should I say you gave yourselves the mandate through the courts?
Mapombi is always a gentleman handivanzi ini, and I will say it that with this kind of misplaced priorities, Zim is going nowhere. Very soon people will start to say Uncle Bob was far much better.
At least better Mapombi will not see Mpofu, Chinamasa, Parirenyatwa and other old comrades anymore – thank you ED for that. Now we expect you to deliver Mr President; Mapombi will not give you 100 days but six good months.
But tikasvika December without solving cash crisis mobva maziva kuti nyika maikonewa iyi. Hopefully those who forced Mugabe out accusing him of being surrounded by criminals will be on high alert.
Anyway, it’s almost lunch time let me go and have maputi and eat some rotten bananas zvangu for lunch. But before I go, izvi zvekuita senge Gutu is the only district in Masvingo province handionewo sezvakanaka zvangu. Honestly appointing five ministers all from Gutu handione senge zviri bhooo. ED sometimes anoda kubatsirwa I think – we have seven districts in the province; all with competent and highly-qualified MPs but kungononga kwaGutu chete.
We have Musikavanhu in Chiredzi, Sithole and Madhuku in Bikita, Joosbi in Mwenezi and Tongofa in Chivi chokwadi ndokushaya chero one out of these? Zvimwe munozozvinyanya. Anyway chimwe nechimwe chine nguva yacho Bhaibheri rinodaro muna Muparidzi 3. By the way, Mphoko akazopiwa here his benefits? What happened to his son or is it daughter uyu wekunzi wakatora mari kuChoppies uyu? And what about his daughter uyu doctor wekumbonzi salary was seized uyu? Umm things might be falling apart for Mphoko handiti?
But Mphoko is a very good dancer – do you still remember how he danced to the song Mazezuru unconquerable paChiweshe gore riye? Kkkkkkkkk but they are conquerable the Zezurus though kkkkkkk. Mboko imboko!mapombi

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