Monday, September 20, 2021

Too late for dialogue Cde Chamisa


is here again. I hope I find you all well dear readers because it is scary out
there. Covid-19 is real and let us always wear our face masks whenever we are
in public places. I am sure most of us are aware that the government will not
have a vaccine for us any time soon. When I say us I mean isu vana Mapombi
nedzimwe hama dzedu dziri way below the food chain. Vaccine is for the rich and
their friends. Kuchauya an approved list from vakuru and if your name is not on
that list please garai henyu pasi muti zete because hamulumi kkkk. I hope our
beloved chairman, chairman wevanhu the only elected chairman in the country Cde
Ezra Ruvai Chadzamira will remember Mapombi’s name when the time comes.

When it
comes to chairmans please machinja garai pasi. I know you will say Mapombi is
crazy but this is a fact. Can you compare Chadzamira and Senator Marava kkkkk.
MDC Alliance inomboita mashura nezviratidzo. Someone should school Chamisa and
his cronies kuti caliber yevanhu vake they do not inspire confidence at all.
Who would follow Marava when Chadzamira is there? Mapombi does not like Zanu PF
but if given a choice to choose between Chadzamira and Marava I don’t think I
would think twice kkkkk. Marava wakatomutarisa has a limited vision so where do
you think he will take the province? I said limited vision saka musazofunga
zvisizvo zvandisina kutaura. I wonder what the likes of Dr Chidarikire are
doing to let Masvingo province ichienda kuwawere like this. Dr Chidarikire I
shout out to you. Musangano wenyu ndiwo mambara but imi muri sober henyu kkkkk.
Kwakadii mwana wamai. Mapombi has lost a lot of weight and I think its malnutrition
because rotten bananas are difficult to come by mulockdown muno.

someone tell me what is happening at Masvingo City Council? Mapombi is finding
it hard to connect the dots. To those who do not know, city engineer Tawanda
Gozo faces suspension. The reasons behind his suspension are a riddle, wrapped
in mystery, inside an enigma. Mapombi anoseva chirungu kana zvakakwidza kkkkk.
We hear Gozo has failed the engineering department and has failed on all the
expected deliverables. Mapombi agrees fully that Gozo is a failure and someone
would be forgiven to think that Masvingo has no engineer because ukatarisa
maroads acho unongoona kuti zvakaoma shuwa. I do not know of anything about
engineering but what I do know is that when you make a road, unopenderawoka
kumucheto so that it will not be eroded nemvura. But Gozo izvi zvese hapana
chaakaita and all the roads have been reduced to streams because they are being
destroyed from the outside. Kwasara twumisana twetara and one wonders where
this engineer got his qualifications from.

I heard
councilor Manyanga once challenged Gozo to bring forward his qualifications
because the councilor was not convinced with the conduct of the engineer. Hanzi
hapana chinoziikanwa kkkk. Manyanga never liked Gozo at all and he never
pretended. Some say their rivalry has nothing to do with professionalism but pane
akatorera umwe musikana. That is a topic for another day. Gozo was a disaster
to say the least. The trunk sewer project failed and our money isu vagari was
just chopped and to date we do not really know what happened. The project
stalled and we do not know who to ask and blame. But Gozo should tell us,
before he leaves, what happened to the trunk sewer project. Gozo, just like SK
Moyo, is a survivor. The Chakabuda led council tried to suspend him but he
survived. The Fidze led council tried the same and failed. Now the axe has finally
fallen over his head under the Kodza Maboke led council. Zvimwe zvose I agree
kuti Gozo is a failure kubva kumaroads kusvika kusewer but when it comes to the
provision of water to the city I think the whole council must fall.

This is
not something which Gozo alone should carry over his head. This council has
failed on many fronts. Kuhousing kwaNzvura kuya munoti chii chiri kuitwa. Look
at planning of Runyararo West and Rujeko C. Munoti zvii zviya. Can we have such
planning in the 21st century? Dzimba nhatu munoita as if muri mumba
imwe. Ndikati pasi naChamisa or ED unotonzwa neighbor yomuka ichibvunza kuti
zvashata papi. Mapamula uriko here kuhealth uko kkkk. Nhasi rega ndimbokusiya
because I am sure you are seized with Covid issues. The council is like an
engine and each part has to be in good condition for maximum performance. All
the departments within the council have to complement one another. I think it
is unfair to victimize Gozo over the failures of many. You are just looking for
a scapegoat but I hear Gozo will not go down without a fight. Under this
lockdown hatina chekuita but to just take a front row seat and watch as the
drama unfolds.

Ladies and
gentlemen can someone balance me here real quickly. What grade of weed are the
Cdes in Chamisa’s camp smoking. What dialogue do they want with Zanu PF. Nhai
Biti musoro bhangu huya pano. You are now talking about dialogue with someone
whom you said is illegitimate. Mnangagwa is not the President of Zimbabwe, that
is what you told us after the 2018 elections and like fools we agreed and
cheered you on. But nzou haitadziswi kufamba nembwa dzinohukura. ED dziri
kungotonga and finally Chamisa and team realize that vatopera and now they are
talking about dialogue. You have lost your bargaining power Cdes so either go
join Polad or shut up. You are giving Zanu PF mileage by begging for dialogue
from them. Ikozvino Zanu PF yatova more arrogant than ever and they will never
agree to any dialogue. Besides, who said Zanu PF needed approval from the
opposition to rule. Chamisa and team please tinyararirei henyu musada kutinyaudza
isu vana Mapombi tapihwa two more weeks of pain under the lockdown.

Kana mafunga
dialogue just humble yourselves and join Polad, it’s that simple. Any dialogue
outside Polad is a fantasy. You are realizing that you have been overtaken by
Mwonzora and team that’s why makutaura zvedialogue. When Zanu PF wanted dialogue
you said you would only engage them if they recognize Chamisa as president and
admit that they rigged the election, really!!! Hakuna dununu rinobvuma
zvakapusa kudaro. Chamisa has reduced himself to the level of those preachers
who lie to their congregants telling them that this is your year kkkkk. The year
passes and nothing happens. Another year begins and the cycle repeats. Chamisa
promised to give us a signal since he lost the 2018 elections and nothing
happened. This year they said the same thing and Zanu PF inongovasunga
zvakadaro kkkk. We are still waiting for a signal iwe Chamisa. 

Forget about
dialogue because you have nothing to offer to Zanu PF unless you decide to sing
for your supper like all the other opposition goons. Let me make this point
clear to all machinja out there, Zanu PF does not need Chamisa. They do not
need his approval to do anything. Tanzwanana here. This talk about Chamisa
wanting dialogue is absolute rubbish. Give us the signal you promised us. If you
have nothing better to say or do please let us just suffer in peace.
Chihurumende cheZanu chatipedza mafuta. I have said enough for the today regai
zvangu ndinokanga maputi for lunch. To all essential workers we thank you and
all those who are staying at home you play an essential role in the fight
against Covid-19. Mboko imboko.

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