VP Mohadi urges leaders to prioritize youth in trade, commerce

Vice President Kembo Mohadi

Beverly Bizeki

The Vice President Kembo Mohadi has urged the leadership in Masvingo province to ensure that youths were given a role in trade and commerce as they capitalize on export market available in the city.
Speaking at a luncheon meeting held at Urban Lifestyles Hotel in Masvingo whose theme was ‘competitive neutrality, the contribution of business and industry to the attainment of vision 2030 agenda’ recently where stakeholders converged to discuss the development of the country Mohadi said it was important that leaders prioritize youths.
“Let us ensure that youths from Masvingo are accorded a role in trade and commerce since this province is the gateway to export markets from this corridor. I wish deliberate opportunities in the supply chain of export markets be availed to youths.
“I call upon leadership at all levels of our governance systems to prioritize youths in allocation of resources. Our youths need to participate in farming, tourism, mining and all other sectors of our economy,” said Mohadi.
Mohadi also urged the public and private sectors to afford youths an opportunity to promote Masvingo’s cultural heritage as this is an industry of opportunities.
“I call upon the public and private sectors from Masvingo to embrace the cultural heritage of this great province to ensure that youths can be afforded the opportunity to promote the rich cultural heritage of Masvingo. Promotion of our cultural heritage is itself an industry of opportunity,” he said.
On drugs and substance abuse, Mohadi urged the corporate world to assist in creating safe community zones by availing funds to fight the scourge.
“I urge the corporate world to avail funds towards fighting drug and substance abuse. The aim for such interventions is to create safe community zones for our youths. The youth is where our future rests as a country. The business world is obliged to help provide a conducive environment for the industrial world and skills training for youths,” he said.
Mohadi also urged the youths to shun drugs and take advantage of endowments such as agriculture in order to meaningfully participate in the development of the country.
“May I hasten to point the obvious that Zimbabwe is endowed with land suitable for agriculture. Such endowment comes with potential for breadbasket status for the world. I therefore challenge youths to leverage on the endowments which make Zimbabwe competitive in global economics.
“Let our youth shun drugs and refrain from all social vices if they wish to meaningfully participate in the development of their motherland Zimbabwe,” said Mohadi.
Mohadi also urged youths to develop an appetite for skills towards the demand of the industry.


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