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Vulgarity a stepping stone to success for females?

                                                 Evangelist Mazhara
Clayton Shereni
down the memory lane taking a few notes from the roots of our African culture,
a woman was not supposed to just speak recklessly and was supposed to “cover up”
her body and nudity or vulgarity was morally unacceptable.
was a taboo for women to be seen half naked by any man and if she was seen, she
would be labeled a concubine or a woman of loose morals.
 Many believe that the coming in of digital
media has left a trail of destruction on the African culture and has eroded the
aspect of Ubuntu especially on the African young women.
have copied and pasted western ways especially on dressing and we are never shy
to walk half naked even in front of in-laws.
the raging fight to exonerate women from being viewed as sexual objects still
continues, but it seems as if young females are not helping for they are seen
promoting issues of sexuality.
young women are no longer willing to work hard to become popular and seem to have
found a new way of gaining fame by posing for the camera in birthday suits and
speak unprintables.
few years ago, a relatively unknown young woman, Pokelo Nare hogged the
limelight after a leaked sex tape allegedly picturing her and Hip-Hop star,
Desmond Chideme aka Stunner surfaced on the internet.
as if it was going to denigrate her, Nare has lived to become one of the most
popular Zimbabwean socialites and “has not” lost dignity, rather she has struck
many deals with reputable companies to market their products and is now
commonly known as “queen of swagger”.
it might be argued that the sex tape leak wasn’t premeditated, it seems this
has become a life changing move for many young females who want to make a
breakthrough in life as they are seemingly engaging in vulgarities.
the past few months men have enjoyed free eye satisfaction as songstress Vimbai
Zimuto is making headlines for the same wrong reasons after pictures of her showing
off her nude body were all over social media.
that incident the young woman seems to be establishing a name for herself in
the music industry and recently held a press conference where she said she was
selling her nude pictures privately with proceeds going to her Huya Uone Trust.
the story of young women capitalizing on vulgarity will be incomplete without
mentioning popular dancers Beverly ‘Bev’ Sibanda and Noleen Sifelani aka Zoey who
rose to stardom for dancing at gigs while nude to the much delight of men who
constitute a large number of their fan base.
dancers seem to be earning a living out of it and both have been conferred
awards by the Dancers Association of Zimbabwe (DAZ) for their erotic dance
few months ago one Lorraine Guyo of the “Ndinyengeiwo” fame has grown to become
a household name in the comedy fraternity with her comedy skits trending on
social media and has struck a lot of endorsement deals which she markets during
her skits.
the leaked “Ndinyengeiwo” video, Guyo came out to claiming that she received thousands
of marriage proposals from men from all walks of life in and outside the
2016, nude picture of Zimdancehall star Souljah Love and his ex-wife Bounty
Lisa surfaced on the internet and the Ndini
hitmaker openly said he did not owe anyone any apology over the
same year saw another artist Enock Guni aka Nox nude pictures found their way
into the public domain after his bitter girlfriend reportedly sent the pictures
to his wife but this seems to have had no negative impact to the singer’s
has been widely touted as Urban Groove’s last man standing as the genre seems
to have been eroded by the coming in of the Zimdancehall crusade.
same issue has not spared other African countries as women from other countries
are also involved in the ‘immoral’ stunt.
Africa’s dancer Zodwa Rebecca
popularly known as Zodwa Wabantu has torched controversy with her
stance of dancing without under garments during her shows in night clubs.
advocacy groups who spoke to TellZim News castigated the ‘immorality’ and lack
of self-respect being shown by these women.
Coalition of Zimbabwe (WCoZ) Masvingo chapter chairperson Joyce Mhungu said it
was disheartening to see young women degrading themselves especially in public
spaces where they are expected to show good morals.
pressure of finding quick solutions in a competitive world has given the rise
to trend of fame through vulgarity. The need to become a celebrity has led to
moral decay and drug usage has also blunted the performers conscience, having
no self-respect and respect for the community” said Mhungu.
Mhungu blamed the “misogynist” society as the root cause of the ill behavior
being portrayed by young women as they try to break away from poverty.
society, though equipped with laws to educate both sexes, pressure of home care
fall on the female side leaving males to focus on their careers. Focus on
homecare and male pleasure has covertly left females as sex objects,” said
on a Mission Organization (WOAMO) founder, Evangelist Mazhara said her
organization is on a mission to mentor women to live according to the Bible and
portray a good picture in the community through their good character
take focus on the norms and values following what is inscribed in the bible and
as for my team which I mentor I encourage them to show charisma in whatever
they do and we should initiate change in the society and our characters must
show that we have God in us,” said Mazhara.
others argued that cyber bullying is another major factor which has contributed
to this problem and has given the wrong perception about young women in the
issue has left a lot to be desired as the western culture which has infiltrated
the African continent causing cultural decadence and giving a rise to indecent
exposure which promotes vulgarity.

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