Monday, September 20, 2021

War vets Children demand more from Govt

                                                 Sengerai Manyanga
Courage Dutiro
the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWA) is making
huge demands from the government, their children are right behind making
demands of their own saying they deserve special recognition for the ‘heroic’
traits of their fathers.
government spends millions of dollars sending children of war veterans to
schools but the children say it is not enough and they demand that the
government set up a fund that addresses their welfare.
provincial chairperson of the Children of Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veteran
Association, Sengerayi Manyanga said as the children of the national liberation
heroes they want better treatment from the government.
as the children of the war veterans we want the government to introduce the
children of the war veterans’ fund. We want that fund to be available on our
motherboard in the ministry. The fund will be used for the wellbeing of the
children of the national liberation struggle fighters.
a document that we are going to present to the ministry, we have highlighted it
as our priority. They have to find that fund; they must source it even from
other countries,” said Manyanga.
of the widows and children of the fallen heroes that are laid at the provincial
heroes’ shrine revealed that the government has long forgotten about them and are
only remembered on Heroes’ Day.
Masvingo provincial chairperson Tendeukai Chinooneka said the government must
make sure that the welfare of war veterans and their families is guaranteed.
hope that things are going to move in the right direction if the government is
given enough time to implement what they have put forward concerning the
welfare of us and our families,” said Chinooneka.
this month, war veterans in Chiredzi made ridiculous demands that their
children should be given first preference when they look for jobs even if they
do not possess the required qualifications.

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