Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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War vets condemn state of Masvingo Heroes Acre

…. as residents shun Heroes commemorations in Gutu
By Tell Reporters
The war veterans in Masvingo accused the government for not taking proper care of their district heroes acre saying the place which was supposed to be scared seemed abandoned.
Speaking one after another at Heroes Day commemorations at Nemanwa Growth Point recently, war veterans said they were saddened by the state of their heroes acre. They called for the government to intervene and honour the fallen comrades.
 Veteran District Chairperson for Masvingo, Freddy Navhaya  told the people that all heroes suffered for the betterment of the country hence they deserved a decent resting place.
 “The state should not only give someone a hero status without considering the place on which that person is going to be laid to rest…Take a look at this place, it looks like an abandoned graveyard not fit for heroes to be buried. This place should look lively considering the status of the people laid to rest here…This area is not fenced and sometimes turns into a jungle and it is only at these occasions that this place is given some attention”, said Navhaya.

He went further to say that there is not even a proper road which links the Masvingo District Heroes Acre from the main road.
He also slammed the state in which the graves are in and said that no one would like his or her relative to be buried at a shrine like this because it would be awful.
“There should be a standing committee which makes sure that this place is catered for and also see to it that this place is guarded to give life to it…These graves should have their names carved on them because right now you cannot even tell who is buried where”, added Navhaya.
Some of the graves are just piles of sand which have already been eroded by water and it is difficult to identify whether there is a grave or not.
Meanwhile, residents in Gutu shunned the Heroes and Defence Forces commemorations saying there was completely ‘nothing for them to admire from the country’s soldiers who have the habbit of beating the civilians whenever they want’.
This year’s commemorations which came at a time when soldiers ran riot beating civilians in Mpandawana town. An innocent child died while tens of people were hospitalized at Gutu Mission hospital after being beaten by soldiers a few days before the Heroes Holiday.
Some residents were appealing for the government to remove the army barracks from Mpandawana.
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