Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Women business fair set for Chipinge

Faith Garwi

Stephen Ephraem 
Women in business in Chipinge district are set to benefit from a business fair that is due to be held this coming December as a way of encouraging women to unite in business.
The business fair was initiated by an all-women non-profit organisation called Bright Future Women whose Chipinge chapter shall be launched as soon as the requisite registration processes are done. 
Bright Future Women director Faith Garwi, said the fair was open to all businesswomen in the district.
“Every woman who is running a business regardless of how big or small it is, needs to expose herself to the world.
“As Bright Future Women, we are adopting a completely unique business model. We shall hold a business forum discussing how best women can network and share ideas. Women tend to give each other unnecessary competition. That is wrong, networking is the best approach and people should learn to specialise rather than become jacks of all trades,” said Garwi.
Garwi, who is also the representative for the Zimbabwe Women Microfinance Bank (ZWMB) in Chipinge, said she the expo will encourage women to acquire assets.
“Women in business must acquire assets for both their businesses and for their own welfare. This is possible if we develop a culture of banking instead of squandering money,” she said.
Garwi bemoaned bad cultural practices that hinder women from being empowered.
“A lot of married women are discouraged from businesses by their marriage partners. That should be a thing of the past since a family always benefits if a mother gets involved in business,” she said.
Meanwhile, ZWMB has received a warm welcome in Chipinge urban, with a notable number of women having already opened their savings accounts.local

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