Saturday, September 30, 2023

Zaka RDC to elect Council Chair, vice today

Perpetua Murungweni

Zaka Rural District Council (RDC) is set to elect its council chairperson, vice and committee chairpersons from the newly elected councilors today at the council offices in Jerera (September 13)

A number of councilors have been said to be positioning themselves for the two top posts.

Chrispen Watadza of ward 17 is said to be eyeing the post, having been in council for two terms as he is also experienced with council operations. He previously chaired the finance and audit committees and is a local school head which makes him a better candidate in terms of academic qualifications.

Aleta Makomeke is another candidate eyeing the post. By virtue of being a woman, she stands a better chance if the gender card is pulled. She is an education inspector and former councillor for ward 5 Masvingo RDC. This means she is qualified both in terms of experience and education.

Another woman eyeing the post is Zaka Zanu PF District Coordinating Committee Chairperson (DCC) and Zaka South MP Clemence Chiduwa’s wife Fungai Maregedze.

Being Chiduwa’s wife can work both in her favor and to her disadvantage, the advantage being that her husband had influence in the selection of councilors in the primaries as DCC chairperson and could easily whip them into voting for his wife.

That could however also work against her as some councilors were complaining about her getting into council through the quota system saying it was nepotism and will cause centralization of power.

Another name is Benjamin Chikuni of ward 27. Chikuni has experience in council having been there for two terms. Chikuni is also a village head in his area under headman Dekeza, Chief Bota.

Ward 18 councillor Hakufiwi Hakufiwi is also tipped for the chairperson’s post.  His main advantage is that he stays in Jerera which makes him closer to council chambers. He is a former prosecutor which makes him better in terms of education. However, he has no experience in council business as it is his first time in council.

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