Zvishavane pupils challenged to make smart career choices

TUI’s Kelvin Mutize speaks to participants at the Career Fair

Nyasha Dube

Pupils from various secondary schools around Zvishavane were recently challenged to make smart career choices in light of the continuous global evolution of digital technology and the increasing demand for digital skills.
This came up at a career fair hosted by non-profit The Usawa Institute (TUI) in partnership with Shekinah Glory Organization held in Zvishavane on April … to capacitate students with career guidance.
In attendance were also parents and development partners operating in Zvishavane.
Speaking at the fair, TUI’s Kelvin Mutize said 65 percent jobs pupils were preparing for were likely not to be there in a few years’ time hence the need to harness evolving technology and prioritise entrepreneurial and self-development skills.
“The world we are stepping into requires critical thinkers and innovators,” Mutize said in his presentation.
This comes at a time when Zimbabwe and the world at large is undergoing a digital evolution, which has presented students with new challenges and opportunities when it comes to career choices.
With the rise of new technologies and digital platforms, many traditional career paths are being transformed, offering new possibilities for those with the right skills and training.
Shekinah Glory Organization founder Juliet Bvekwa also emphasised on the importance of moving with the times and engaging parents in the process so that they understand the modern generation’s career options.
“Intelligence without career guidance is a waste of time and we always encourage parents to discuss career options with their children and not succumb to the pressure of just enrolling their children in university. Children must be self-aware from a very young age and specialise in their interests,” Bvekwa said.
She also encouraged pupils to increase their experience and knowledge beyond academia, through voluntary work.
One of the parents who attended the career fair expressed her appreciation for such an opportunity and challenged students to pursue their dreams.
“I am happy that our children are presented with opportunities we did not have during our time. As parents we also need to be educated so that we know more about the digital world. This will make it easy for us to support our children when they don’t opt for traditional jobs,” she said.
TUI founder Anozivaishe Marindire encouraged students to strategically position themselves in the digital world.
“There are a lot of free online courses which offer knowledge on skills such as coding and entrepreneurship. Always have to confidence to start a venture or apply for these international opportunities. Nothing is beyond your reach.
“Most employers now prefer candidates who can navigate the digital landscape with ease hence probing students who are considering their career options to best position themselves to succeed in the digital world,” Marindire said.
Other sessions also included ettiquecy and how to conduct oneself in the workplace, which was led by TUI’s programmes manager Sinikiwe Marodza, and a group session where students had interactions with various organizations present.


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