Thursday, December 2, 2021
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Can private education players adhere to national Constitution?

There has been a trend of late where teachers in the civil service opt to join private educational institutions with the hope of improving their livelihoods in terms of remuneration.
Private players seem to be offering lucrative offers salary wise as they try to motivate educationists for the sake of good results that commensurate with their fees tag and reputation.
What has become worrisome is the casualization of labor that these private educational institutions practice.
A lot of civil liberties have been withdrawn on the part of employees all for the sake of good salary packages.
Of course the earning might be too tempting for the worker, but it is state of affairs that boggles one’s mind when it comes to the welfare of the ordinary worker.
Most administrators notably heads, their deputies and teachers in charge have wantonly ignored the rights of their subordinates or deliberately skip that section of the labor law which provides for such freedoms.
There has been loss of bargaining power on part of that section of teachers whereas in actuality government accommodates for that in the collective bargaining though they lag behind in improving the salaries the employees bargain for.
Victimization of fellow workers by those in positions of authority has also led to loss of such fundamental liberties enshrined for in the constitution of Zimbabwe.
Workers in the private sector are denied their basic rights form worker’s committees to represent or protect their interests while witch hunting has been the major tool to suppress and make those advocating for rights suffer.
The fact that these institutions are part of the Education Act compels them to act likewise and ensure total adherence to the dos and don’ts of the Act.
Responsible authorities in the line ministry should act as a matter of urgency and save the system from total collapse.
Workers should be allowed or granted due freedoms as long as they are constitutional.
Administrators once again should be reminded that they are also custodians of the supreme law of the land hence respect should be mandatory.
The parent ministry should take a look into such institutions so that sanity once again prevails in the education sector always dubbed second to the best or none on the continent.

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