Monday, September 20, 2021

‘Chief Bere installation will not be reversed’

Fungai Mbetsa
Brighton Chiseva
Masvingo Provincial
Administrator (PA) Fungai Mbetsa said the installation of Phineas Tafirei as Chief
Bere following his appointment in July will not be reversed but has only been
postponed to a later date by Minister of Local Governance, July Moyo.
said the appointment was made by President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the
installation had only been delayed but not cancelled.
installation of Chief Bere was postponed by Minister Moyo for now and it is the
case with all the pending installations across the country.
is the President himself who appointed Chief Bere through the office of Minister
Moyo so those who see the delay as a reversal need to know the facts of the
ground,” said Mbetsa.
Bere clan lost their chiefdom in 1925 during the colonial era.
a corrective measure, the Bere clan will get back their chiefdom which will
take the whole of Ward 4 which has been under Chief Zimuto and five other wards
under Chief Charumbira.
Charumbira, whose chiefdom stretches seven wards, will be left with only two
wards. Chief Charumbira is also facing a fierce fight from the Nemamwa clan who
believe they were robbed of their chieftaincy.
installation of Chief Bere was supposed to take place on July 30 but was
postponed after people from Charumbira stormed the venue saying they will not
allow another chief to be installed and take away their land.
houses namely Mboko, Mambanje, Mupariri, Mudyiravanje and Makamuri are all in
line to the Bere throne.

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  1. My name is Toice Gwatinyanya, Bere clan. I just want to put the record straight, the appointment of Chief Bere came at the right time. The politics behind its resuscitation is now history. It is upon the family's understanding and knowledge to rewrite the history of our great hero Bere. People distorted the history and the genealogy, but the spirit of the great leader is still alive. However, it is likely to have more dimensions than required, people will take advantage of the age and manipulate the system. I have seen pots of the Chief elect and its spokes person as misleading the general public. I dont dispute all what they posted, but Bere and Tavengegwei (Chivi) were brothers. Each got his Chidawo based on what he did or achieved. Thay are all Mharis but Bere is Madzore and Chivi is Murambwi. The Bere Shumba is Madzore its never Murambwi. Their Detembos are similar on second or third stance but their first stance are different. Toice son of Thomas, Thomas son of Gwatinyanya, Gwatinyanya son of Vezha, Vezha son of Maturure, Maturure son of Bere, Bere son of Mudzungairi, Mudzungairi son of Chivunguvungu, Chivunguvungu son of Chikanga in that order.

  2. The issue of five houses of Chieftainship is correct but the names of the houses posted on this media is not correct, thats manipulation. Maturure, Tsvangirai, Mboko, Gotosa and Muparuri are the five houses of Chieftainship. The other names on the panel need to be examined. We only learn about the inclusion of Mudyiravanji,Mambanje and Makamure on the day of selection and Mudyiravanji coming tops. There is need for dialogue and more dialogue. If one want to know the auntenticity of some houses,do the rituals no one would want to be associated witb that.


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