Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Chiefs continue to hijack funerals to settle boundary disputes

…mourners left dumb founded with violent behavior

Clayton Shereni

MASVINGO- Burial of veteran educationist Alice Tabe in Ward 9, Mushandike Resettlement Area turned into a fierce chieftainship fighting ground after members from Chiefs Bere and Charumbira clansmen clashed over jurisdiction of the ward, bringing a halt to burial proceedings.
The rival clans who are embroiled in a fierce battle for land control could not take their fight elsewhere but preferred the gravesite almost ruining the burial of the respected educationist.
President Emmerson Mnangagwa ordered the renewal of Bere chieftainship after years of non-existence.
Tempers got high when Chief Bere’s representative Greya Mapiye started delivering his speech.
Charumbira clansmen were angered when Mapiye claimed that Ward 9 fell under Bere’s jurisdiction.
Bylaw Charumbira, son to Chief Fortune Charumbira stood up to reprimand Mapiye but instead he was poked and told to sit down.
This then angered the Charumbira clansmen who then confronted Mapiye.
Stanley Mugandani, nephew to the Charumbiras pushed Mapiye and was in a near fist fight with some of Bere’s clansmen.
Mugandani started shouting at Mapiye bringing funeral proceedings to a halt and when one police constabulary tried to cuff him, he resisted arrest.
Contacted for comment, Chief Bere’s spokesperson, David Masomere said they are the bonafide owners of the land and were the ones with the mandate to preside on events in that ward.
“That area belongs to Chief Bere but it then becomes difficult when another person builds on a land that is not theirs and starts to claim ownership of the land.
“We do not condone violence but we retaliate when we are fought,” said Masomere.
One of mourners who spoke to this publication said the rival camps were now taking advantage of funerals to settle their scores.
“These people are exhibiting very bad behavior. Every funeral is now like a boxing ring for chieftainship wrangles. Government must stop this madness,” said the mourner.
Chief Charumbira lost a number of wards after government revived the Bere and Nemamwa chieftainships dealing a major blow to Charumbira who boasted of being the most powerful chief in the country.

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