Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Chamisa using divide and rule tactics

So we as a country have allowed chikomana chepa Manicaland to continue holding the whole country at ransom only because he wants to fix Chamisa. I do not know why we are so docile to the extent of watching Mwonzora urinating on us while we fold our hands. I know some will say Mapombi doesn’t know the major culprit in this whole situation is ED.
Yes he is and we have been fighting the system since time immemorial. Zanu has been the perennial enemy of progress in Zimbabwe but when someone formerly from the opposition rank against the system and its shenanigans decide to join it and deny the majority a right to choose their leaders then we get in deep shit. Sorry dear readers, ndangopinda ndakabairirra tsono, I am really disappointed by Mwonzora, sure after chopping representatives chosen by people, he has no shame to stop by -elections.Really. To which end? Zvozodii kana tagara tisina, only because one or two people are bitter with Chamisa. Iwe Dougie stop holding us at ransom, we need one enemy at a time, we cannot deal nenhamo mbiri. If you represent people, why are you afraid of by elections? Isn’t it the chance to put your own people heee, haa tikwanire apa.
Enough of Mwonzora, last week I told you that for you to be Zanu PF, you at least have to be shameless or crazy. At least after what this guy called George did you now believe me? I used to think we only have one crazy George, uyu wekuzviti Jamwanda on Twitter. Today I am not talking about that George hangu, I mean this guy from the ministry of finance, yes Guvamatanga. This pantless lady travelled all the way from SA to perform at his party. I don’t know his source of wealthy but what I know is that he is moneyed, but I think he skipped the simple bible lesson yekuti charity begins at home. Munhu anotya mwari would never call artists from South Africa to splash them with money like that. Worse the artist recently torched a storm on social media for performing asina kupfeka mushe. We have a lot of talented local artists who are struggling financially, why not support them? As if that was not enough, he went on to promise Mafikizolo an amount five times more than the original charge. Charity begins at home iwe Guvamatanga. kuri kuda kuona here,uchaita shohwera. I like Makhadzi and Mafikizolo zvangu and I am not against South Africans coming to perform here but pamazimari apo. Maybe it’s only myself but handisati ndambonzwa kuti he sponsored our local guys. Sure kukundwa naJava who promotes local artists. i thought Tagwirei has reformed but alas, dzinonznvana dzakakora, the amount he splashed on Guvamatanga mmmm, vamwe vanhu havaende kudenga.
Factionalism is rocking the ship cdes, hazvisi kuZanu chete, now mukomana watiri kuti ngaapinde is doing it the Zanu or Mugabe way. Divide and rule tactics are at play. Ari kuita divide and rule mukomana kkkk, nhasi zvangu nemaNerorists. Hanzi touch not the annointed but mapombi is a gentlemen haavanze, Ndinobata chero panopisa ask the Generari. If you don’t believe me come here at Chitima and tell me what the appointment of Sesel Zvidzai as co-vice chairperson weMusanganao uri kuda kuzotonga means? Ko anoita basa rei maVC maviri. Toti maVP matatu, toitazve maVice chair maviri. Whats the difference between you and Zanu now? Zanu itori nani yakatotivhara nekubvisa Kembo pahu VP hwenyika. Hanzi nemaNerorists it’s because Thabita Khumalo has not been feeling well for some time, if that’s so then why can’t you retire her and appoint someone? Will appointing another VC make her well? Now listen to me ladies and gentlemen, this is just factionalism between Nero and his VPs because Job is in Biti’s basket. Yes it’s an alliance but those guys are not in good books. Ana Biti are a threat to the Youngman and that is why there was double allocation of candidates in 2018, Chamisa made sure that team Biti won’t make it to parliament kkkk. Now factionalism is manifesting in other forms. I once told you again that Job is a threat again to Nero because he wants a radical and militant approach while Nero prefer going to war asina pfuti achitemba nemuromo.
Zvidzai’s duty is now to neutralize Sikhala and if history repeats itself, we will soon see him achienda nechimuti Job akati vavava. Zvana Molokele izvi its just blinding us but the real tsoro is on Job and Zvidzai. Ko handiti that is exactly what happened paya pakapinda Nero. Madam Khupe had been elected kucongress but Chamatama, MHRIP appointed Chamisa and Mudzuri unconstitutionally kkkk. Nero later booted madam Khupe out kkkk. Asi unodarirei nhai Nero, inga munobva kwaGutu wani naJob? Why doing that to your own homeboy kkkk. I am not well conversant with the Alliance’s constitution but this is unconstitutional pasi nekudenga. Leaders should be elected. Job beware; don’t say Mapombi did not warn you.
Cdes from the opposition; trust Jonso at your own peril. Remember he is the author of some misfortunes in Zimbabwe. How can he now offer to train MDC Alliance polling agents while he is outside? Why not formally join the party. Akadii kuzviita 2018.Iro team remusoro bhangu iri Jonso and Madhuku beware of them. Ini hangu personally treat everyone who was once ZANU PF with caution. Please don’t trust Jonso, munonyura makatemba. He has been accused of being a spy even while in Zanu PF then why trust him now. Dai asina kudzingwa where would he be now?
And this catch and release gimmick by the so-called Anti-graft commission ZACC hehede kusekera godo semukadzi wenhaka. Obadiah of Drax scandal is now a free man. Zvakaoma ko munotambisirei upfumi hwenyika muchikona kuchengeta nherera nevasina pekugara mumaguta medu umo. Ko saka zvese zvakabiwa zvedenda reCovid-19, moti kudini nazvo.Toda kudzorerwa zvakadyiwa nehwiza veduwee senyika kwete kunanzvana kwamukuitana imi varikunyepera kutungamirira nyika yedu vakainangisa kumajokochwa. This ZACC is proving to be a toothless bulldog to say the least. Murume waMarian chedu sorojena Chiminya was released due to lack of evidence. Iri beby raHungwe Pirisika makaregedza, kungogondera iye Undenge Kkkkkk zvinopisa tsitsi. Chawira mwana wehama hachisekwi vakadaro vakuru asi haaa mazvinyanya veduwe itai muchisiya pamangwana pamaitiro enyu ka.
Before I go zvangu kunokanga maputi angu for lunch, allow me to ask where the sick lady Thabita is? I pray she will pull through. Where is she? I wanted to bring her Russian and chips from Bakers inn manje hey, takaparirwawo naMbudziyadura kkkkk, I heard it’s now US$1.25 kkkk, they want to justify their crazy rate. Takambozvitaura izvi, the rate between bond and US will never be stable, especially with the likes of anaGuvamatanga vachibata mari dzedu kudaro. Is Guvamatanga and Matanga related? Just asking hangu coz ndakazombonzwa kuti the late VP Msika’s full surname was Msikavanhu but it was cut shot to suit the unity accord agreement kkkk. With Zanu at the top, anything is possible.
I wonder where is doctor Stop it ana Guvamatanga and Nero vachiita zvese izvi? Where are we with Uncle Bob’s exhumation? I heard Gire said she will do anything in her power to stop it kkkk. Regai zvibayane. Ko Mphoko ari kupi, why can’t he just take Gire agare nhaka yaBob? He failed to take over from power but I am sure he can take over the wife and her notorious kids Chatunga kkkkk. Mboko Imboko.

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