Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Chivhu girl sexually abuses younger sister

Elliot Jinjika

CHIVHU – A 17-year-old girl from Chinembiri village, Chief Mutekedza, Masasa, last week appeared before magistrate Fadzai Mtombeni facing indecent assault charges for allegedly forcing her 11-year-old younger sister to insert fingers into her private parts while doing likewise to her.
The girl pleaded guilty to the charges levelled against her, saying she did it for sexual gratification.
“Ndaive ndakugara ndichinzwa kuda kurara nemurume saka taizoisana zvigunwe kuti tipedze chikara chaindibata nekuti tese taive tajaira kugara tichirarwa nevakomana vedu,” she said.
The State, led by Nicholas Mabvongodze, alleged that sometimes in June 2017, the accused would have sexual intercourse with her boyfriend in the presence of her younger sister.
The accused later became so bold that she would allow her boyfriend to have sex with her young sister in her presence.
It was also heard that the boyfriend then started to bring along his own friend so that he too could have sex with the complainant in their presence.
When they were alone, the sisters would allegedly caress each other and they would insert fingers into each other’s privates for sexual pleasure.
An unidentified person who knew of what was happening synonymously called the police and told them what was happening.
The case was due to continue in the Chivhu Magistrates Court by the time of going to print with the judgement expected to be passed in the next sitting.local

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