Thursday, August 11, 2022

Church forces lecturers to sleep in open

By Itai Muzondo
The Reformed Church in Zimbabwe (RCZ) has shocked both believers and none believers from Mogernster Mission after forcing four lecturers including their children from its Teachers’ College to sleep in the open over dispute yesterday.
The College Lecturers Association of Zimbabwe (COLAZ) has described the move as devastating and shocking.
The youngest child who also joined her parents in the cold June night is three months old.
 The four; Finos Mawere, Yemurai Sithole, Benedict Mavesere and Martin Mutema. Speaking to Tell Zimbabwe, COLAZ President David Dzatsunga said it is shameful for one of the most renowned church to act in such an inhumane manner.
“It is quite shameful and shocking for one of the most renowned and oldest church in Zimbabwe to act in such an inhuman manor where families are forced to sleep in the open cold with children as young as two year olds. You even fail to understand whether they are acting in their senses as such a move would be persisted by many as demonic,” blasted Dzatsunga.

Dzatsunga went on to say that as an independent body, they are going to make an appeal against the evictions as he argues that the long going dispute which started in 2012 as the above mentioned lecturers demonstrated against poor services by the RCZ run institution was long resolved by the labour court that they stay at their respective placements.
“We are definitely going to appeal against the move in as soon as possible. COLAZ is doing this because the evictions are unjust.
“I say so because the dispute which resumed in 2012 was swiftly dealt with by the labour court which called for the reinstatement of the lecturers after the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education had called for their transfers for practicing their right to be heard when they demonstrated against the poor working conditions offered by the institution,” further challenged Dzatsunga.
Meanwhile, Masvingo Province Reformed Church of Zimbabwe General Secretary; Reverent Charles Juro denied giving comment towards the church’s position on the on-going tensions as he openly denied having information about the evictions on his desk and further said his office is too high that such information would not be quickly available.
“I do not have that information. I urge you to go to the spot where these events are said to have occurred and see maybe the Principal that you may get what really transpired until the lecturers in question got ejected.
“You should also be aware that my office is too high to have such information quickly as you would not even expect the Roman Catholic Vicar General to have information happening in the Catholic society overnight,” said Juro.
When contacted for comment, Mogernster Teacher’s College Principal, Mrs Chipato admitted that the said lecturers were evicted but she refused to shed light over the circumstances.
“Those evictions were done but who am I to comment on issues pertaining the church and its employees. I do not want to be involved in such issues,” said Chipato.local

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