Saturday, September 18, 2021

City of Gweru opens offices in Mkoba

Tinaani Nyabereka
GWERU – As part of efforts to decongest the town house, the city council here has
opened new administration offices in Mkoba 15 which will see residents cutting
costs of travelling to town to pay their bills.
offices were commissioned by City of Gweru Mayor Josiah Makombe at Mkoba 15
Shopping Centre.
said the offices were going to enable effective service delivery and also
decongest the town house where the whole city was queuing to make their bill
have opened these new offices so that we decentralize power and authority.
Gweru is a big city which cannot be run from one point.
have opened these offices so that the people of Mkoba would not have to travel
all the way to town just to pay their bills. We have brought convenience to the
people and we hope this will encourage them to pay their bills because we are
owed in excess of $8 million,” said Makombe.
said residents failed to settle their bills because it has now become too
expensive to travel from Mkoba to town.
local transport is charging about $15 to get into town and on would require $30
to come and pay their bills.
has caused a lot of people to delay paying their bills because they would find
challenges in sourcing transport money. You see a lot of people quarrelling
about who should go and pay the bill to town because of the exorbitant
transport charges.
the people of Mkoba we say come and pay your bills within a walking distance
and save money from going to town. This is an ideal situation if resources
permit,” said Makombe.
also commissioned the city council’s first newsletter saying his council was
committed to effective communication with residents.
have also published our first newsletter which will see council informing its
residents on various initiatives. We want our communication bond to continue as
we work towards effective service delivery system,” said Makombe.

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