Saturday, September 18, 2021

Harvest House International conducts marriage school

In a
move that could be a first for Masvingo, Harvest House International Church is
running an intensive 5-day marriage school starting this Friday March 29, with
the programme running for all the Fridays of April.
House International Snr Pastor Chikarakara said the church had seen the
necessity of coming up with a yearly programme to address the key issues that
married people encounter.
programme will be helpful to married couples, those preparing to marry, those
that are cohabiting and those that might be improperly married. In recent years,
we hosted one-day evening nights for couples and they were very successful so
we are coming back with a proper school which will run for a cumulative of five
days,” said Rev Chikarakara.
what motivated the new initiative, Rev Chikarakara said it was a response to
the troubled marriages and high divorce rate being witnessed in communities.
is a wonderful institution but, unfortunately, it has fallen under increasing
pressure from the Devil. The non-performing economy is stressing many people
and happiness is now hard to find in many families. We believe the marriages
school will provide some refreshing insights on how to cope with all
situations,” said Rev Chikara.
said the programme will particularly seek to discuss solutions to such issues
as money or lack of thereof, absence of pleasurable sex in marriages, love,
infidelity, lack of communication, and failure to understand one’s duties.
church has a mandate to rise up now and be used by God to heal marriages. Our
programme is also open to those that have separated or those that have
divorced. Who knows what will happen after the teachings and the prayer that
will be conducted on the 26th of April? Nobody should be left out
because this is a critical topic that knows no boundaries. Even pastors are not
exempt from the challenges that come with married life,” he said.
said marriage was made by God as the root of families from which nations
sprout, adding that it was for this reason that forces of darkness were bent on
destroying marriages.
teachings will be based on the word of God and not on contemporary sociological
understandings. It is only through the word of God that genuine answers to
today’s problems can be found,” he said.
venue of the programme will be Harvest House International auditorium at 10
Bradburn Road, close to Gain Cash and Carry from 17:30hrs-20:00hrs.
Rev Chikarakara and his wife will
be hosts of the programme.

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