Monday, September 20, 2021

Hope for Bikita as ENSURE opens dam, irrigation scheme

Anymore Magawa

was excitement in Bikita district Ward 1 last week when Care Zimbabwe through its project called Enhancing, Nutrition,
Stepping Up Resilience and Enterprise (Ensure) handed over Chamanhokwe Dam to
the community and officially opened Chamanhokwe Irrigation Scheme.
projects were set up to help improve food security in the area.
occasion was graced by many people including Ensure representatives, Bikita
South Member of Parliament (MP) Josiah Sithole, Chief Mabika and Bikita Rural
District Council (RDC) Chief Executive officer (CEO) Peter Chibi.
has similar projects in other districts where over 20 dams were built and a
total of 211 hectares of land were put under irrigation for the benefit of over
5 000 villagers.
at the occasion, Chibi praised Ensure for what he described as momentous
efforts towards making the district a greenbelt.
would like to express my sincere gratitude for this wonderful work and I feel
so honored to have such development in my district. I am also happy that we
have already begun our move towards Vision 2030. As you may all know, 80
percent of Bikita district is dry land so the land must be turned into a
greenbelt,” Chibi said.
programmes manager, Archibald Chikavanga later told TellZim News that the
Chamanhokwe dam and irrigation projects were just among many others that were
done in other districts of Masvingo province.
are celebrating the achievement done here in Bikita district and hand-over
Chamanhokwe Dam and officially opening the irrigation scheme. It is our hope
that we will be able to continue supporting vulnerable communities by helping
to build their self-sustenance capacity,” said Chikavanga.
Chamanhokwe projects have helped several families to gain livelihoods from
agriculture in an area with erratic rainfall patterns.
are grateful for this life-changing opportunity. We now have hope and the means
to improve our lives. The irrigation scheme is thriving and the fishery project
is also doing very well.
is weaning us off but I must say we have been capacitated enough to manage
these assets. We will work with agritex officers and security guards to improve
performance and protect these projects. We plan to drill boreholes to ensure a
constant water supply even if the dam is to run dry in the course of the
seasons and we plan to build more fish ponds so that we will have fishing
competitions in the future,” said Esau Gwande, who is the asset manager.
facilitator, Dadirai Mawanza said produce will be sold to local schools and the
wider community.
to the markets for our products is not a problem since we sell our vegetables,
chickens, tomatoes and fish to such school as Mashoko High and to the
surrounding communities,” said Mawanza.

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