Saturday, September 18, 2021

MP Mangwiro letting us down: Chikomba West Villagers

Dr John Mangwiro

Elliot Jinjika

CHIVHU – When voted into office, some
politicians in the country disappear from their constituencies and reappear at
the next election time seeking support from the same electorate.
outrageous trend is common in Chikomba West where the local Member of
Parliament (MP) Dr John Mangwiro has rarely if at all been seen by much of his
A medical
doctor by profession currently serving as Deputy Minister of Health and Child
Welfare, Mangwiro stands accused of spending much of his time in Harare doing
little to represent the interests of the people back home.
constituency faces many problems that need the attention of the MP but he seems
nowhere to be found, and this has drawn his more criticism than compliments.
villager said Mangwiro was battling bad health and had totally neglected the
constituency office where staff has now left for non-payment of their dues.
hardly hear about him and the constituency office he opened to deal with local
issues is no longer giving any service. I heard he is not feeling well and he never
attends programmes in this constituency where many problems abound,” said the villager.
villager said Mangwiro could be doing better job in the Ministry of Health but
was obviously faring badly at local level.
chairperson of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) Africa Region, Mangwiro
was scheduled to be the guest of honor at the World Diabetes Day held at Garwe
Stadium in Chivhu.
however, did not turn up and many of his villagers who had expected to meet him
were further disappointed.
week Mangwiro sent representatives to Northwood Primary to convince parents
that they allow their children to be transported to a neighbouring school for
lessons pending the completion of classroom blocks at their own school.
proposals were vehemently rejected by parents who felt the school should have
been long-supported to put in place its own facilities than allow it to open
its doors pre-maturely.
 “We don’t even know him here since we voted
him into office. Instead of chipping in by providing funds or sourcing funds
for us to solve the problems at the school he is making bad suggestions. He is
only looking for political mileage after being quiet for a very long period of
time,” said one parent.
Ratepayers and Residents Association (CHRRA) Chairperson Collen Zvarevashe
lambasted Mangwiro’s record as Deputy Minister of Health, saying the situation
at health institution in his constituency and the larger district was
 “Hospitals and clinics in Chivhu are faced
with very big service delivery challenges and one would normally expect the
deputy minister to do something as this is his own area. Who else can be better
placed to understand local challenges than a deputy minister who comes from
this area?
should have acted upon solar panels donated by UNDP lying idle at Chivhu
Hospital but he did nothing. He never attends to the problems of this
constituency, we are orphans. The MP should be in touch with the situation in
his constituency and he should be seen to be working on the challenges we face,”
said Zvarevashe.
contacted for comment, Mangwiro said he had been battling ill-health for some
time but was now fit to live up the expectations of people who voted for him.
“I have
been out of the country for quite a long period of time and I thought it’s
known that I have been battling ill health. I underwent a surgical operation
but I can now confirm that I am fit and raring to go. I have a lot of projects in
my plans. We have a lot to do,” said Mangwiro.

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