Saturday, September 18, 2021

New gender-focused CBO launched in Masvingo

                                                     Evangelist Mazhara


An organisation concerned with domestic welfare has
been launched in Masvingo with the objective of finding solutions to some of
the most common problems affecting couples and those that lead to gender-based
The Women on A Mission Organisation (WOAMO) aims to
improve peace in the domestic set-up while offering effective counselling where
it is needed.
Formed by Evangelist Romina Zinyoro Mazhara, the
organisation is working to spread its services to all districts of the
with the motto ‘Women On a Mission Where You Will Never Shed a Tear Again – Stress Free Zone’, the
organisation offers counselling to people who feel burdened in marriage as well
as those facing various other social challenges.
says her personal life experiences in marriage provoked her to work towards
peaceful families by addressing challenges faced by couples, single mothers and
young people.
have faced all challenges in marriage and this inspired the formation of WOAMO.
I prayed and fasted and it worked wonders in my life.
is when I realised that there is no situation that God can never change. With
all the experiences I encountered, I realised the mistakes, strengths, dos and don’ts
of marriages. I want to share that rich experience with others,” said
evangelist Mazhara.
said marriage was a small entity which however affects a larger space in society.
For people to work effectively, they must come from peaceful marriages and for
youths to achieve greater goals, they must come from stable families.
said she believed there was no way one could talk about anything without
factoring in the spiritual side.
are the result of the spiritual world so our problems must be addressed
spiritually if we are to change physically, Hatingatizi
kuti kune varoyi kana vanosundira mhepo zvinogona kuparadzisa dzimba dzevanhu

(we cannot logically deny the
existence of evil spirits that affect the living) and
is why we must address both the spiritual and the physical life,” said
Evangelist Mazhara
however, has a broader mandate which spreads to addressing the financial aspect
of people’s lives which arguably is the singular most pervasive source of
instability in marriages.
organisation, therefore, addresses financial problems through talent
identification and nurturing financial literacy.
of WOAMO members, Tavonga Marumbei said she was pleased with the rate at which
the organisation was growing.
said she encountered great changes in her family life through Evangelist Mazhara’s
sisters and I have been through a lot of challenges in our marriages but
through Evangelist Mazhara’s counselling, we are seeing changes and it’s true
that WOAMO is a stress-free zone,” said Marumbei.
holder of a social sciences degree from Great Zimbabwe University (GZU), Evangelist
Mazhara was born at Mukaro Mission Hospital in Gutu. She did her ‘O’ and ‘A’
level at Mwenezi Government High School.
An Evangelist at Saved to Save Elshadai Ministries, she is married to Aaron Mazhara and
is blessed with three kids.
organisation was formed in May 2018 and it operated without offices but is now located
at 7150 Bradburn Extension Road between Chitima market and Printflow. 

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