Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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‘No coronavirus at Mutare’s Golden Peacock Hotel’

…hotel management assures counters
smear campaign

From left Golden Peacock Villa Hotel Food and Beverages manager Willard Mudhombiro, General Manager Celia Woo and Sales Manager Matthew Takura

Felix Matasva

wake of the deadly coronavirus, many Chinese-owned businesses in the country
are bearing the brunt of stigmatization, with some potential clients shunning
those businesses in fear of the contagious diseases which has killed over a
thousand people in China.
such business is Golden Peacock
which this week moved to allay fears of coronavirus being present at the place.
during a press conference which was held at the hotel on Tuesday February 11, Golden
Peacock Hotel general manager Ce
Woo said the false claims by its competitors were a marketing gimmick which was
neither fair nor ethical.
of the coronavirus, most of the Chinese business enterprises in Zimbabwe have
been greatly affected. Our business operations have been on the low since many
people no longer want to be associated with anything China-related.
understand the concerns of our clients but we reassure our clients that this is
and has always been a perfect destination where their safety and needs are
satisfied with utmost care and love.
we do not understand is why some of our competitors are taking advantage of
this situation to slander us… it’s very unfortunate and unethical. I want to
make it clear that this hotel is very safe and our clients have nothing to
worry about,” said Woo.
said she herself had never been to China for the past six months and their
clients had nothing to fear when they see her and other Chinese staff.
the moment there are only two members of staff who are Chinese, myself
included. We both have not been to China since the outbreak of the virus.
have not been receiving anything from China since the outbreak of the virus so
we assure our clients that this is a safe environment as it has always been.
Our competition should adhere to professional codes of ethics and not cause alarm
and despondency among clients,” said Woo.
Golden Peacock Villa Hotel sales manager Mathew Takura
said they were asking for travelling documents as a control measure to revoke
bookings from the coronavirus affected countries.
“As a control measure we ask for identity cards
and passports and if we see that the person is from China or
other affected countries, we are
accepting the booking.
“Almost all our customers are locals. So everything we
prepare here is local as we buy from local farmers and shops and nothing is
imported from China,” said Takura.
Golden Peacock Villa Hotel food and beverages manager Willard
said that they
target local and international customers hence their cuisines are not
specifically targeted
the Chinese only.
“When we opened this hotel there was a
misconception that we cook dog and snake meat. 99 percent of our customers are
Zimbabwean and we have tailor made our cooking methods to suit them.
“We do not have any Chinese cuisine targeted at
Chinese people. We do not
cook dog and snake meat here as our meals are meant for Zimbabweans
and other international guests,
said Mudhombiro.
Peacock Villa Hotel has grown to be the largest hotel in Manicaland with
regards to room and conference capacity since it opened
its doors in June 2012.
hotel can accommodate 1 000 people per day in their conference rooms and in
terms of room occupancy it can accommodate around 230 people per night.
As valentine’s special their rooms will be sold at 30
percent discount with a lot of activities lined up for the day.
Ministry of Health and Child Care confirmed that the country can now identify,
amplify and detect the deadly disease in the local laboratories.
cases are being quarantined and admitted at Wilkins Infectious Diseases
Hospital in Harare.
number of deaths related to the coronavirus outbreak in China rose by more than
the total number of deaths across the Chinese 31 provinces to 1 016, with more
than 42 600 confirmed cases according to NBC News.

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