Thursday, September 16, 2021

Parents fume over poor standards at Chiredzi Govt Primary

Honour Makovore 

CHIREDZI – Chiredzi Government Primary School has come under the spot light after parents have voiced their concerns over poor learning standards at the once glorified school with pupils reportedly learning while seated on the floor.
School head Sharai Musakanda admitted to the crisis and said they have already made significant strides to resolve the problem.
“We have a shortage of furniture at the school but that will soon be a thing of the past as we have already purchased enough and we await delivery.
“The delivery is taking longer and we are pushing the supplier to find out what is making the delays,” said Musakanda.
Parents who spoke to TellZim News said their children, especially in grade 1, are now refusing to attend school because of the learning environment.
“How do you expect a grade 1 pupil to like going to school if he or she is supposed to fight for a chair on daily basis?
“The environment is not conducive at all and the school has to act fast because they risk reducing the once esteemed school to a mere laughing stock,” said one parent.
Another parent weighed in saying she had suggested buying a chair for her child but was rudely dressed down by one teacher who told her to transfer her child if she did not like the learning environment at the school.
“One teacher said to me that I paid fees late hence the reason my child could not get a chair. She told me that chairs are for those who pay fees in time and I proposed to buy a chair for my pupil.
“This teacher was so rude to me and she told me to transfer my child if I did not like the environment under which she was learning,” said one parent Tryphine Majokwiro.
The country’s education sector remains under developed with many pupils and students learning under harsh conditions which will have a negative impact on the results produced.

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