Thursday, September 16, 2021

Teachers win battle against transfer from Serima High

TellZim Reporter

GUTU – Two Serima High school teachers who took up their case to the High Court in resistance against what they called was an unprocedural bid to transfer them to Majada and Chiguhune secondary schools seem to have had the last laugh after the Gutu District Education Inspector (DSI) reversed the move.
Earlier in May, Batsiranai Ngugama and Samson Mubvekeri filed an urgent chamber application with the High Court in Masvingo citing the DSI and the Civil Service Commission (CSC) as the first and second respondents respectively.
Represented by Coghlan & Welsh, known in Masvingo as Ruvengo, Maboke and Company, the two were arguing that they were being procedurally and unfairly being targeted.
They argued that the letters of transfer maliciously claimed that they had requested the transfers when in actual fact they had never requested any.
“They were never consulted about the decisions to transfer them and the transfer is giving them inadequate time to prepare for the transfer as schools are opening on the 9th of May 2017,” reads part of the urgent chamber application.
Though Mubvekeri and Ngugama flatly refused to talk to TellZim News, this reporter managed to get hold of their heads of argument which is replete with emotional language.
“The way we were picked for transfer is not procedural and reflects nepotism, hogwash and malicious geocentricism with purely corrupt thought and motives with the ardent intention of bringing the good name of the ministry and government into disrepute,” reads part of the arguments.
Though the official reasons given for the planned transfer were said to be overstaffing, sources said there was actually a fraught relationship between the two and school authorities who considered them to be “irritating distractions who want to see too much.”local

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