Thursday, October 21, 2021
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TellZim WhatsApp Group Assists Family To Foil Robbery

TellZim reporter

A Chivi family is lucky to have been left unharmed on Sunday night when a robber broke into their home, after which they sought help in a TellZim News WhatsApp group leading to swift police response.

A participant in the WhatsApp group sent a chat around midnight asking other participants to either call police on their behalf or give them police contact details, saying a robber had broken into his mother’s house in Chivi.

“Please help with ZRP Chivi office contact (sic). Urgent. Breaking in right now at Stand No. 241 please assist,” the participant wrote.

 The participant also wrote that an elderly granny and her grandchild were in danger as the robber had already broken into the house and was reportedly walking around.

Another participant then sent police contact details in the group, and the participant who had asked for assistance confirmed that they had managed to contact Chivi police who then came to their rescue in less than an hour.

“I just want (sic) to thank ZRP Chivi for a swift response to the break in that has just happened at my mom’s place at Chivi Growth Point. Keep the job well done,” the participant later wrote.

 TellZim News WhatsApp and other virtual platforms have been instrumental in useful information dissemination, and have been used by citizens in distress to seek assistance.

TellZim News is the leading news organization in the Southern region. It provides candid, balanced and timely news from the communities. Keeping it real. Committed to tell Zimbabwe.

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