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Tzu Chi Foundation commissions two classroom blocks at Murerekwa School

Valentine Makufa

Tzu Chi Foundation commissioned two classroom blocks at Murerekwa Primary School on September 14 in Ward 8 under Chief Ndanga in Zaka Central constituency.
The Taiwana-based charity organization (Tzu Chi Foundation) constructed the two blocks as a rescue to the effects of Cyclone Idai which hit the country in early 2019.
Zaka Central Member of Parliament Davison Svuure welcomed all who attended the commissioning and appreciated Tzu Chi Foundation for the two classroom blocks built at the school.
“I welcome you all to this important event as we gather here to celebrate this milestone development that will go a long way in improving the education sector in our area.
“Let me take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Tzu Chi Foundation for coming to our rescue after Cyclone Idai destroyed our infrastructure and the two blocks will bring a huge sigh of relief to the school as learners get a spacious learning environment,” said Svuure.
Tzu Chi Foundation country director Chin Chai Chu said he was touched when he came to know that the school was affected by the cyclone and did not have enough classrooms and decided to inform the funder to build the two blocks.
“When I heard about the school from one of our volunteers, Volunteer Mutava I paid a visit to the school and I saw the damage inflicted by the cyclone. I informed our funder Master Cheng Yen. I also saw that the second building was about to collapse since the wooden trusses had been eaten away by ants .
I told our funder again that two blocks needed to be built for the safety of children because they are our future,” said Chu.
Parents whose children attend Murerekwa Primary School were very happy for the development and appreciated the work of Tzu Chi Foundation as it offer relief to overcrowded classrooms.
Zaka District Development Coordinator (DDC) Memory Dhliwayo who was standing in for Masvingo Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution Ezra Chadzamira (the guest of honor) expressed gratitude to Tzu Chi saying the foundation had played a role in the President’s vision of ‘Leaving No One and No Place Behind’.
“I would like to express gratitude to our friends from Taiwan for this noble gesture that will go a long way in helping realize the vision by President Emmerson Mnangagwa of leaving no one and no place behind,” said Dhliwayo.
Schools Inspector for Zaka District Jemias Bangamuseve standing in for District Schools Inspector Samson Chidzurira also thanked government for allowing the foundation to help the school as it was struggling to cope with the damage caused by Cyclone Idai.
“We are actually happy at government intervention to allow the coming on board of other partners who have come to our rescue after the disaster of Cyclone Idai in 2019 which damaged two of our blocks and it made our normal operation to a stuck and we could not cope. The involvement of local organizations and the supportive community gives us pride as a ministry,” said Bangamuseve.
Chief Ndanga born Wilson Makono thanked the Tzu Chi Foundation saying it has come as a rescue to Murerekwa Primary School and also challenged ward 13 councilor Manfred Mada to include the school and the Four Miles Clinic on the water project..
“Tzu Chi Foundation has come when we were in time of need due to the disaster we recently faced. We appreciate organizations like these who are ready to help those in need. Now that that the school has more blocks, I am challenging you Councilor Mada as illustrated by the children who performed their play that you provide the school with safe water. When you lay water pipes for the clinic, please extend the project to the school so that children will get clean and safe water,” said Chief Ndanga.
Tzu Chi Foundation is a Buddhist charity foundation originating in Taiwan whose founder is Cheng Yen (76). In Zimbabwe it is headquartered in Harare and has volunteers in different provinces.
Its main aims are charity, providing medicine for the sick and also educating the underprivileged. The foundation has been delivering food relief to alleviate the effects of drought in Zimbabwe.

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