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We are all thieves, Zivhu admits


Chivi South Member of
Parliament (MP) Killer Zivhu has all but admitted that he and other
well-connected ruling party politicians as well as government officials are
corrupt and would not miss a good opportunity to steal.
Writing on his Twitter account
recently, Zivhu dismissed protestations against corruption in high places,
saying anybody would steal as much if given chance.
He argued that those that have
never been implicated in corruption are innocent not because they are morally
upright, but because they have not had a chance to steal.
“Everyone is a thief as long as
there is (sic) nothing to steal u remain innocent (sic) when your time comes to
be near what can be stolen tichakuverengaiwo some of u the the only (sic)
advantage u have is u are just Zimbabweans without names so no one bothers to
write about what u have stolen,” Zivhu wrote.
Zivhu is believed to be a
multi-millionaire although he has no traceable business to talk about.
When TellZim News called him to
expand on his tweet, Zivhu struck a defiant tone, arguing that he meant exactly
what he implied.
“People are good at criticising
others yet they have never had an opportunity to prove their integrity. You
should first be in a position to steal something and avoid theft before you can
criticise others based on unsubstantiated allegations.
“Instead of maliciously pulling
each other down, let us rather support each other and move forward. How can you
accuse others of being thieves when you yourself are only innocent simply
because you have never had a chance to steal anything? You are only a beneficiary
of your circumstances,” said Zivhu.
In 2005, he reportedly served
jail time after violating his bail conditions while on trial on charges of theft
by false pretenses.
Zivhu had allegedly took ZW$4.5
million – a huge sum of money by that time – from a woman affiliated to his
association, claiming he was able to procure foreign currency for her but he went
on to convert the money to his own personal use.
There are also reports that
during that time, Zivhu was facing two other charges of theft by conversion. In
one case, Zivhu allegedly received Z$5 million from a Pastor Makore whom he had
convinced he could import some unspecified goods on his behalf from Zambia but
he allegedly converted the money to his own personal use.
In the other case, Zivhu is
said to have received some ZW$6 million from a Mr. Mutano after promising to do
a task which was, however, never done.
Zivhu has, however, maintained
that he never went to jail, saying he successfully cleared his name with the
law and left the country, a period he claims many people became mistakenly
convinced that he was in prison.
When TellZim News asked him to
clarify his alleged criminal record, Zivhu turned down the request, saying it
is the media themselves that should dig deeper and unearth the details.
“I don’t want to talk about
that. Do the investigative work yourself and find out the facts. Don’t expect
me to give you the details that I am not ready to give,” said Zivhu.
Norton MP Themba Mliswa
recently accused Zivhu of defrauding many desperate home seekers of their money
through his Galloway residential stands project.

He served as Zimbabwe Local Government Association (ZLGA)  and was deputize by former
Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni.

In 2015, Zivhu expressed
interest in contesting for the post of Zanu PF Masvingo provincial chairperson,
but backtracked in light of the intriguing factional dynamics in the ruling
party at that time.
After the 2013 harmonised
elections, Zivhu served as chairperson for Chivi Rural District Council (RDC)
after being elected Ward 31.
Zivhu is the chairperson of the
Zimbabwe Cross Border Traders Association (ZCBTA) and was in August 2016
elected Association of Rural District Councils (ARDC) president.
In September 2017, Zivhu was elected ZLGA leader, taking over
from former Bulawayo mayor Martin Moyo. 

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