Sunday, November 28, 2021
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We are tired of empty promises; ministers told

Kudzanai Chipanga

Brighton Chiseva

Angry youths who attended a youth meeting at Masvingo Polytechnic College last Thursday told Ministers and MPs that they were tired of politicians’ empty promises which are often not fulfilled.
The meeting was attended by Masvingo youth officers, ordinary youths and some legislators in the province.
Masvingo Province Youth Chairperson Nobert Ndavarombe openly told Provincial Affairs Minister Shuvai Mahofa and Walter Muzembi, who is the Tourism and Hospitality minister that they were sick and tired of being given empty promises.
“We are tired of empty promises, you promised us land, money for projects and employment but we got nothing,” said Ndavarombe
He said youths want the jobs that they were promised after the 2013 elections as well as land since most of them had families.
“Most of the youths have families and are jobless but you promised them land and jobs. I’m tired of leading people that were given empty promises,” he said amid ululations from the crowd.
He said although the youth salute their leaders, politicians must not take advantage of that to abuse them warning that if politicians continue to lie, they would not be respected any more.
‘We salute you as our leaders but that does not mean you can abuse us. Empowerment motinyima, (you deny us empowerment) land motinyima (you deny us land), maloan motinyima (you deny us loans), next time we won’t respect you.
Ndavarombe claimed some leaders were sympathetic to the Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) party and their actions were influencing the youth to turn away from President Mugabe.
“We don’t want leaders who sympathise with People First, and muri kuti zvinhu zvinenge zvabva kuHarare kuna president imi mozvibovera pakati apa muchifunga kuti tichabva pana VaMugabe, manje (You are taking everything that the president would have given us thinking we will turn against him) but this time you won’t suppress our voices.
He warned youth officers whom he said were joining ZPF that he had their names and will expose them when the need arises.
Zanu-PF National Youth Secretary Kudzanai Chipanga told the youths that they should make follow-ups to get what they are promised and urged Masvingo youths to join the one million men march set for May this

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