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Women Breaking Barriers…Fiona Kudzika a female builder doing wonders

Charles Maregere

03 March 2017, Don’t let traditional gender-based views of careers stop you from pursuing your passion. Worldwide studies have shown that often women will grow up with a strong influencer, such as a teacher, a guidance counsellor, or a parent who will guide their student or child into “traditional” careers based on gender. You might not have even noticed it happening.

Fiona says, “Why are careers in the construction industry so untraditional for women? Many women love to build things and get a lot of satisfaction from working with their hands just like many men. So why shouldn’t you pursue a career that matches your aptitudes and abilities, one that you can be passionate about regardless of traditional views?
Fiona who is a third year student at Masvingo Polytechnic is one of the key people who had a hand in the construction of Great Zimbabwe University’s student’s campus at the school of hospitality and tourism as well as the Robert Mugabe school of education campus in Masvingo.
Is a career in the skilled trades right for you?
“Without sugar coating things, working in the skilled trades is hard work, but if you like a challenge and want a fulfilling career (not just a job), then I would say go on with it.”
To be successful, you need to “pull your own weight” that means listening, learning, doing and then you will be respected and treated equally. You need to be motivated, determined and confident, as well as flexible and adaptable. But above all else, you need to have a passion for what you’re doing. If you’ve got that, then there are no limits to what you can do and accomplish despite gender.
“The main reason why more women don’t enter the skilled trades is because of the lack of information available for getting started. We’re here to change that.” Says the soft spoken Fiona.local

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