Friday, September 17, 2021

Women urged to participate in politics

Marian Chombo

Peter Chawapiwa

GUTU – Women have been urged to play an active role in politics and seek to be elected into political office so that they do not continue playing second fiddle to their male counterparts.
Addressing a Women for Women Solidarity – organised meeting under the  ‘#SheVotes2018’ banner at Dewure business centre in Gutu last Sunday, Solomon Bobosibunu of the Electoral Resource Centre (ERC) urged female voters to support female candidates in elections.
 “Women must consider the role which they play in the community. In most cases, it is the women who vote and thrust men into power. Women should be able to vote for other women and avoid putting men in front all the time.
“Men use food handouts to entice women to vote for them but we know that women can also contest for political office and perform even better than men,” said Bobosibunu.
He encouraged women to take elections seriously and be resilient against voter intimidation by traditional leaders or any other individuals.
“Your vote is your secret so do not be intimidated by people who say they will know how you cast your vote,” said Bobosibunu.
Speaking at the same occasion, social activist Marian Chombo said women participated in the liberation struggle yet their role went largely ignored.
“Nobody but ourselves will emancipate us. We must seek political office and free each other. The food handouts that come our way are not the solution to our problems. Let us elevate each other. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step so let us start at grassroots level.

“Our current crop of women politicians is aged. Where is the younger generation? Let us make a difference in 2018. This is our time,” said Chombo.local

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