Thursday, August 11, 2022

Man burns his dog over ten eggs

Prosper Mavenga

A Bikita man was ordered to pay US$ 20 fine for brutally killing  his only dog through setting it on fire as a ‘death sentence’ after he ‘convicted’ his petty for eating ten eggs.
Garikai Chikangara (46) of Beta Village under Chief Mazungunye went berserk last week when he found ten eggs laid by his hen missing. He summoned all family members to explain what had happened to the eggs. Upon failing to get satisfactory explanation, he called his dog and he discovered some watery egg marks on its snout.
He immediately dug a hole and tied the dog’s legs before putting it in the pit. He took grass and dry maize stalks and set fire on the grass while the dog was underneath.
A wailing that went across the whole village  as the dog tried to escape. Villagers who saw a blaze of fire and a cloud of smoke ran to Chikangara’s home thinking that one of his huts was on fire. Upon arrival, they discovered that he was seated while his dog was burning.
They alerted the police and Chikangara was arrested and ordered to pay a fine for his cruelty to animals.local

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