Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Nothing to show for Zimplats, Unki community share ownership schemes

…. corruption,
mismanagement doom noble initiatives


The Parliamentary
Thematic Committee on Indigenisation and Empowerment recently went on a fact-finding
mission on community share ownership schemes being funded by platinum miners
Zimplats in Mhondoro-Ngezi and Unki in Shurugwi where it was realised that
nothing much was being done with the money meant for community development.
Committee members
attacked the Mhondoro-Ngezi and Shurungwi Community Share Ownership Trust
(CSOT) board of trustees of mismanaging millions of dollars released by the two
giant miners for community projects.
Zimplats management
proved that indeed, money was released to the trust and that the companies
continued to work with their local communities for development.
It was revealed that
Zimplats employed over 6000 local university graduates as well as other people
from the Mhondoro-Ngezi community.
It was, however,
noticed that there was no transparency and accountability in the way funds
released to the trust were being managed especially with regards to the US$10
million released by Zimplats.
“The amount of
money we are talking about here doesn’t equate with what is happening on the
ground. The buildings we see are substandard meaning the funds are being
abused,” said committee member Maybe Mbowa.
The following day, the
team proceeded to Shurugwi Unki management gave a splendid presentation on what
they were doing for their communities including the release of US$10 million to
the CSOT.
The committee members
were then led to Msasa Primary, some 20km away from Unki, where part of the money
was used to build the school.
The school is
well-built and it has all the facilities which can cater for the disabled in
both classrooms and toilets.
“There are many
projects that we are doing in the 24 wards that we have and Msasa Primary
School is just but once of the evidence. We have been trying to drill boreholes
but Zinwa asks us to pay $30 for each borehole. Where do we get that money from
and is there any justification for that?” said Chief Banga who is one of the
Members of the CSOT claimed
that they bought a borehole drilling vehicle, a grader and a 10-tonne truck to
help in the community.
However, people said
they have never seen any grader which was being claimed by the trustees but
acknowledged that they had seen a borehole rig. They also complained that they
were being made to pay $3 for every 50kg of grain carried by the community
A female community
member also said people had expected part of the money to be used to construct
a hospital as the nearest medical facility was Shurugwi General Hospital some
15km away.
 Another one complained that if the community
indeed had a grader, then the local roads especially those in Chief Banga’s
area would not be that bad.
The parliamentary
committee is expected to visit the Marange community in the coming days to
assess the CSOT of the diamond-producing area.
The Community Share
Ownership Schemes were introduced back in 2010 by then Youth and Indigenisation
minister Saviour Kasukuwere to compel foreign companies to share their profits
with their communities.
The initiative has
however been plagued by corruption, mismanagement and politicisation, with
local Zanu PF Members of Parliament (MPs) being involved in the administration
of trust funds.

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