Saturday, September 18, 2021

Onward Gibson Foundation joins Covid-19 relief efforts


Youthful clergyman,
philanthropist and gender equality campaigner, Onward Gibson yesterday moved
around some suburbs of Masvingo distributing food items and other basic
commodities to people identified as hardest hit by the national lockdown.
Prophet O, as he is
widely known, recently travelled from Harare, where he is now based, for the
sole purpose of lending a hand to vulnerable people in the city where he was
born and bred.
The benevolence gesture was carried out under the newly-formed Onward Gibson Foundation.
Child-headed families,
widows, the disabled were among the beneficiaries of the philanthropic effort.
Each beneficiary
received a package comprising 20kg Red Seal maize meal, 2 litres cooking oil,
beans, kapenta fish, sugar and salt.
Non-food items included
bars of washing soaps, sanitary pads, petroleum jelly and candles.
Speaking in Mucheke
where the distribution exercise began, Prophet O said it was in times of severe need
as this that people should prove their humanity.
“In our communities, we
have people who have every material thing they need and those who can barely
afford anything. This is a most appropriate time to serve the Lord because we
are in a crisis of epic proportions. My team and I do not have everything that
we need, but here we are, doing the little we can to help the next person,” he
He also said he will
continue to mobilise other people to contribute whatever they can towards
further relief efforts for the duration of the lockdown and beyond.
“Giving should help to
inspire others to follow suit. It should also be a way of spreading the glory
of our Lord Jesus Christ,” he said.

He said the Onward Gibson Foundation has  set aside a $700 000 fund to fight coronavirus.

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