Friday, September 17, 2021

WCoZ petitions City of Masvingo over water crisis

                               WCoZ members hand over their petition to Mayor Maboke
Clayton Shereni
The Women
Coalition of Zimbabwe (WCoZ) Masvingo Chapter recently conducted a workshop at
the Mucheke Hall where it was agreed that a petition will be send to council
over poor service delivery punctuated by recent water shortages.
The petition was
later sent to city council officials as part of efforts to force them to
urgently address a severe water crisis.
Many parts of
the city are now in their fourth weeks without a single drop of water coming
through the taps.
WCoZ Masvingo chapter
chairperson, Joyce Mhungu said it was high time the city took heed of people’s
cries and took urgent corrective action.
“This situation
is a threat especially to us women because we wake up in the wee hours to go
out and fetch water. We are vulnerable to robbers and rapists we cannot
withstand the pressure at the boreholes and water bowsers’ delivery points.
“We are
going to deliver our two petitions covering issues of lack of adequate water
supplies and poor refuse collection schedules to the city council leadership
including the mayor, town clerk, city engineer and director of health.
also slammed council workers in charge of bowser water distribution for corruption.
“We have
seen some people getting water from bowsers even before the bowser had reached
its destination. They give water to their relatives and friends before anybody
else,” said one female participant.

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